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Some Interactive Projects

  • Graphical Proof Assistant : Graph-based proof assistant using my "Hybrid UI". Made this tool to help me experiment with type systems. (Video)
  • Verified Ordinal Arithmetic : Implementation of ordinal arithmetic with properties verified in Liquid Haskell (Haskell + Refinement Types). I proved that my Cantor Normal Form representation of ordinals is closed under the operations needed to implement the Num and Ord typeclasses.
  • 3D Fireworks : Graphics Course final project with thousands of particles with real-time lighting.
  • Hybrid Environments : A programming language combining static and dynamic scoping. It's fun but probably a horrible idea; try it in the browser!
  • Collision Trees : Computational art from self-colliding trees with a surprising variety of emergent behaviors.
  • Ackermann Blocks : Interactive Ackermann function visualizer.
  • Turing Turtle : Puzzle game with turing machine programming.
  • Paint Splotch Shadertoy : Watching this simulated paint dry isn't boring, I promise!
  • Div Jumper